Poem #2

Summer sun warms my heart
I hope it warms yours too.
Words can now be spoken
Without tears and regrets.
Always hoping you’ll come back
But looking forward
The future awaits.
Let go of yesterday.

Well this is just a “raw” poem, as in, no editing has been done. So please, edit it if you will.
Actually most of the stuff on here is pretty “raw”. I dont have time to edit, let alone write sometimes xD


8 thoughts on “Poem #2

  1. Lol, editing? What kind of editing would you do? I guess you could change the words around a bit but… normally its pretty good how its written the first time (at least it is for me..).

    I have a slightly similarly themed haiku to this. πŸ™‚ Nice poem.

    1. Alot of editing could be done ^^
      Theres word choice, meter type, visual structure etc etc XD
      but thanx πŸ™‚

      You do? on the rat hole? =D

  2. “Theres word choice, meter type, visual structure etc etc XD”

    Sounds confusing xD probably why the furthers I got in poetry was:

    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    most poems rhym
    but this one doesnt


  3. I’m sure you can do better than that πŸ˜›
    It’s quite easy to write poems because there can often be no “rules”, but then again, a good poem doesnt always follow the rules either. πŸ˜› tricky tricky … XD

  4. sounds like impressionism all over again xD With the absence of all rules, everything is just random. random music sucks, the only emotion you get out of that is “for gods sake, put on some real music” xD

    btw what does your picture say?

    1. it says “Violinists – can be really strange people” xD

      well, emotion I thought was usually a “constant” in poems. but yah know.. whatever works for each individual xD

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