Poem #3

A single touch
A close embrace
Both cautious and waiting
For each other to move.
Fearful and joyous
Silently shouting
The original hold is kept.
Now waiting for the other
To push away first
That nothing will interupt.
Comfortable just being
With the other.
Too soon
A single word
Laughter from the outside
Distracts the mind
Breaks the bubble.
Masks are worn
Once again.
The truth just
A simple leap of faith
A wish of the heart

The latest creation. xD Just popped into my head >,> its quite long :O because of all the run on sentences and such.


8 thoughts on “Poem #3

  1. whoopsies, i didnt notice this one was new >.<

    Yes then, long enough to disect properly 😛 I like the use of full stops, or sentances rather, with the different ideas in each one. They could almost be seperate poems.

    "Just popped into my head" ehh? 😛

  2. ^^ almost seperate, but not quite. like a good book series 😀

    haha and yes.. poems do that to me >,> it can be really frustrating if i dont have pen and paper or my cellphone handy xD

  3. sounds like a decidedly introverted thing to do… 😛

    masks that hide the truth? maybe… or it just takes you back to reality. Its kinda confusing, trying to decide what reality/truth to believe in.

    anyway, that “just popped into my head” 😀

  4. ahhh, its all about perspective xD thats why maths is so good, because you cant argue with (most) of it. But arguing can be fun anyway xD

    The matrix is cool! the other movies wernt so good though, we studied it for english in year 10 ^^

  5. haha thats why maths is bad, because if your wrong you have to admit it 😛

    haha we started watching matrix in year 10 as an “extra” but we never got past the first 20 mins XD

  6. >,<

    haha that year we already did 2 film studies and one of them was this wacky foreign film. we also made our own movies and stuff. mr gough was a cool teacher 😀

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