Falling Like Rain

I’ve always liked walking in the rain,
and now Wisdom has revealed why.
Raindrops falling through the sky,
Falling on my hair,
Forever falling.
Clean renewal in the air,
It’s love trickling down my face,
It’s love flowing through my veins,
Capturing me in its power.
Love falls like raindrops upon the World,
And I’ve been waiting to find it.
Taking new paths,
Splashing in puddles,
Now I begin dipping into love’s reserviors
It has followed me thus far,
And still showers me with its gift.
Yes, Wisdom has revealed how love pours down.
And I finally understand,
Why I like walking in the rain.

mehhh it still doesnt sound quite right. the tie-up is unsatisfactory.
oh well >,< haha

8 thoughts on “Falling Like Rain

  1. better ending now than before although i still feels something is missing? i’m not sure hehe.

    and this is just a thought tho, shouldn’t the rain be falling on ur hair before it trickles doen ur face and then flows in ur veins πŸ˜›

  2. Haha… Hmm maybe it ends a bit quickly; though these things shouldn’t drag on indefinitely. Maybe it should end with ‘and now I finally understand.’ Makes it more mysterious and stuff. ;D

  3. heeeeyy maybe it should. though the walking in the rain section makes it more cyclical.
    i think if i made it any longer it would be a pain to read. >,< and theres not really that much more to say anyway.

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