Star-light, star-bright

Wish upon a star
Cliche in the making

Fireworks force memories
Torn apart, they’re left for dead

Hopes suppressed
For new experiences
Shared between just two

My dreams are mere waves
Shattering like glass

Alone each night
I dream and hope
And wish upon a star

2 thoughts on “Star-light, star-bright

  1. Are those fireworks metaphorical or actual? 🙂 It reminds me of ternary form from music xD past-present-future, with out-of-time bits and the beginning and end.

    Feels like English unfamiliar texts xP

  2. haha i havent figured that out yet. it needs alot of reworking to make sense. it was bits and pieces of different things that i just chucked together.

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