Say Too Much

Scribbles in a notebook,
On paper or online
Can form on manuscript
With squiggly notes above

Some people can’t read it
Others are experts
But soon the words have multiplied
As your imagination runs wild

I just wanna try
Say too much
I can’t stop myself
I just say too much
Cause I can never say enough

One song becomes two
Three or more
You’ve opened the floodgates
To a waterfall

Cause you tried to say too much
What you mean is enough
Don’t try to say too much
You’ll run out of luck

Words strung together
Maybe a poem or a story
Put together carefully
Can create a song

Music plays just simple chords
Sing a melody,
Hum along

Creating this song requires a recipe
Just don’t copy me
And try to write your life story

I always say too much
I think it’s not enough
Need some self control to stem
This love of expression

Say too much
Just don’t say too much

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