Old School Problems

I recently found this poem, written in June, 2009

i like your styles
the way you smile
the way you used to look at me
whether grumpy or happy
under that umbrella
but not how you ignore me

somedays i dont mind
other days it annoys me a lot
because i care too much about what you think
even if you dont reciprocate

i hope your doing okay
how i wish we still talked
like the old days

your life without me seems so great
you seem to love not having me around
i like how well you treat every girl you know
except me
and how special you make everyone feel
yet still ignore me

i tried to make this things i like about you
and somehow it turned into things about me
your right once again
things arent always about me
but that doesn’t mean im unimportant
and i won’t apologise for that


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