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The beginning

Old School Problems

I recently found this poem, written in June, 2009

i like your styles
the way you smile
the way you used to look at me
whether grumpy or happy
under that umbrella
but not how you ignore me

somedays i dont mind
other days it annoys me a lot
because i care too much about what you think
even if you dont reciprocate

i hope your doing okay
how i wish we still talked
like the old days

your life without me seems so great
you seem to love not having me around
i like how well you treat every girl you know
except me
and how special you make everyone feel
yet still ignore me

i tried to make this things i like about you
and somehow it turned into things about me
your right once again
things arent always about me
but that doesn’t mean im unimportant
and i won’t apologise for that

Photo Album by Tonya L. Thompson

Not my work obviously – but nice nonetheless =D

Glossy candids of strange expressions,
and red-clad arms holding bows and
Christmas trinkets long forgotten –

My eyes wash over your photos,
family memories long wrapped in the fog
of time and changed situations.

But the constant connection of Mom and Dad,
the snapshots of a stolen kiss,
or flowers sent for Valentines Day,

The family outings that exhausted you,
and the pictures of you exhausted,
but together,
Are images more priceless than you could imagine,
and I hold them as visuals to the life I seek.


Also unfinished – sorry =S

Wish upon a star
Looked on from afar
A plea, a longing
Thats near, and dear to heart

Hopes suppressed
My dreams are mere waves
Shattering like glass

Alone each night
I dream and hope
And wish upon a star


completely unfinished
– thought i better post it before i forget about it

Summer smells in the air
Sunlight beats down upon my back
Heating the black jumper and skin within
Concrete nearby blinds me

Hot and muggy is the air
I can feel it all around me
Birds and cicadas
sing out loud

Walking home
I long for a drink
Foot infront of foot
keep moving forward


Wishing you here
once agan
once again
my memory of you
threatens to fade

Even a memory
strong as it is
can’t compare
when you’re here
you’re here

Every step away
I’m walking on
broken glass
Shards fly up
they cut my face

Almost One
If only

Wishing you here
once agan
once again
But knowing you’ll
Never be far away

With Your Love by Jessica McDowell

With your love I feel strong,
With your love I can face each day with courage,
With your love I am never alone,
With your love I see the beauty in life,
With your love I feel complete and whole,
With your love I know there is nothing else I need.

Not my own work obviously but I thought it was quite nice =)

By My Side

My heart seems no longer mine
It now lives in another’s mind
You will always be by my side
In my hours of need
In my hours of greed
And I by yours
When you call out to me
When you don’t say a word
I will be by your side


You’re crazy for me
For me is crazy for you
Crazy together we’ll be
Having fun and laughing loud
In the shining sun

Cause you are crazy
And you’re driving me that way too
Down the highway
I’ve become crazy in love
For you