For a Friend

Glances across a crowded room
A smile threatens to break through
Always aware of the other’s position
But unsure, doubtful
Should I say hello?
Who will take those steps forward?
Making moves across the room
Perhaps fear keeps us paralysed
Always waiting
for the other to be bold
Spoken words, so difficult to form
Should I ask? Or leave it unspoken?
Confusion, uncertainty
Can we just be friends?
We crossed the line
Can we step back?
Difficult, and awkward
But with friend’s support
Its possible, in love

Written in the moment, for a friend – May 2017

The Lords Prayer

God's kingdom come
On Earth as it is in Heaven

New Generations ask
For the ways of old
To follow the Lord
In sunshine and rain
Rejecting the rule of society
and difficult cultural norms

Letting God's Holy Spirit
Burn a fire within us
A community of believers
Looking back to
Old traditions
Looking forward to
New covenants

Father, Son, Spirit
King of my heart

Advice from the Middle East

You are Salt
You are Light
Wherever you are
The Lord works through you

You are Salt
You are Light
Make yourself available
For His call

You are Salt
You are Light
Be yourself and
Just say Yes

You are Salt
You are Light
Wherever you are
The Lord works through you


The future calls

A few years have passed
My perspective has changed 
This tool may be used
To share once again

I may be convinced
To continue to write
And share my musings 
With all those in sight

Just expressing myself
Is not reason enough
Showing others I care
Helps me shine light

Sharing Heartache and Joy,
Encouragement abounds
Can I love my friends
Through words written down?

Who knows where I'll be
Between this year and next
I'll be thinking of you
Always wanting the best

Dont be a stranger 
Your place is reserved 
In my heart, in my life
There is room for you
Hopes and dreams
Run wild and free
We will make it together
Just wait and see

Something New

Something Old
Something New
Something Borrowed
Something Blue

Some Hoping
Some Wishing
Some Dreaming Too

For the Future
That Awaits Me
And You

Some Happiness
Some Laughter
Some Tears and Joy
I Belong to You

I have to admit

I don’t get used much.

Should I be used more often?
Please share your opinion below

And bear in mind,
That perhaps I was just a tactic

To gain attention
To be pursued

Still, the pursuit is never over
Yet maybe I no longer need

The sneaky shout of a website
To pull you towards me


Author’s Note:

In case you hadn’t noticed, I havent really been writing much lately. this is more of a break than a farewell so hopefully once my life is less hectic, things will sort themselves out.
I’m working on other projects like another short story and a handwritten collection of my poems

Photo Album by Tonya L. Thompson

Not my work obviously – but nice nonetheless =D

Glossy candids of strange expressions,
and red-clad arms holding bows and
Christmas trinkets long forgotten –

My eyes wash over your photos,
family memories long wrapped in the fog
of time and changed situations.

But the constant connection of Mom and Dad,
the snapshots of a stolen kiss,
or flowers sent for Valentines Day,

The family outings that exhausted you,
and the pictures of you exhausted,
but together,
Are images more priceless than you could imagine,
and I hold them as visuals to the life I seek.


Also unfinished – sorry =S

Wish upon a star
Looked on from afar
A plea, a longing
Thats near, and dear to heart

Hopes suppressed
My dreams are mere waves
Shattering like glass

Alone each night
I dream and hope
And wish upon a star