Faith through Grace

Am I doing something wrong?
I can’t hear you
Am I not doing enough?
I can’t feel you
Am I straying too far?
I can’t see you

How do I
Turn my knowledge into trust
Turn my thoughts into faith
Turn my head towards your heart

I just don’t understand
What I’m doing wrong
Why can’t you just
Speak plainly, clearly

I want to follow you
What do you want me to do
Teach me how to let go
‘Cause I cant do it on my own

I try so hard
Waiting impatiently for
A voice that’s never heard
A feeling that’s never felt

How can I be patient
In the silence
How can I sit still
In the quietness

I don’t understand
why it’s so difficult for me
Lord help my unbelief
Transform my faith

Help me
I cant do it on my own
I cant find you in the dark

By Your grace alone
By Your grace alone.

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